About Us

Our Story

Back in 2009 when smartphone was in nascent stage and cloud computing was emerging in developed countries (while Windows XP was still ruling computer world and Flash was on the verge of death by Apple onslaught!!!), couple of engineers dreamt of giving advantages of these technologies to Indian small and medium scale businesses to make them effectively compete in changing socio economic environment. The result was shooting star corporation with a tag line” U wish V provide”-which started designing responsive (mobile optimized) websites and other web applications with latest technologies for Indian small and medium scale businesses.

Shooting star subsequently gave way for Netelity (combination of Internet and Utility). We then consolidated various applications to single package for better user experience and effectiveness. Result is cloud/web based NERP for business, hospitals and education sectors- about which more information is provided in respective sections of this website.

Today Netelity is a privately held, self-funded profitable company with a mission to provide cost effective cloud/web based business management software service to various businesses and professionals.

If you are a business owner or a manager then Netelity provides you with powerful business management tools like web based CRM, ERP and Ecommerce platform, to increase the productivity of your sales, marketing, manufacturing, accounting and support teams, while providing the ideal customer experience and increasing your business profitability.

If you are a healthcare professional or a doctor or a dentist, Netelity provides you web based electronic health records and medical practice management application for your clinic or hospital.

If you are an educationist, Netelity provides you web based student management tools for your school or coaching institute.

Netelity as a complete solutions company offers many other internet related services which are listed in appropriate sections in this website.

Why go with Netelity?

We are keenly aware that there are a lot of companies out there with talent. However, what we also know is that our team not only has the talent, but the ability, desire and integrity to become your trusted partner. We are focused not just on providing useful services, but about helping you achieve your goals. We care about your success as much as our services, and will do what it takes to help you achieve it.

Good service is often promised, unfortunately it is rarely delivered, and that is why we have made it our mission to be a company that does what it says. It seems so simple, but, as you can imagine, it makes all the difference. We answer emails promptly, return calls and finish projects on time. We'll be honest if we don't have the skills to perform a task and remedy errors, rather than make excuses. We have the team and skills to deliver services that you will be proud to show off, but our relationship and service are what make us a company that you will love having as a partner.

Thanks for your patience reading above and browsing Netelity website. Team Netelity is always there to help you with any of your querries.

How we have fared so far!!!

  • 2009 Shooting Star-U wish V provide-was born

    Couple of engineers left their high paying jobs and started a journey with ambition and dream to be useful to Indian business, which reflected in their tag line.
  • 2010Name changed to Netelity (combination of Internet and Utility)

    Prospective customers started relating shooting star to be some kind of Media Company. So the name was changed but not the vision, mission or other offerings.
  • 2011NERP for business released

    After couple of year’s development, comprehensive NERP for small and medium business is launched. First 100 users in just 73 days.
  • 2012NERP for hospitals released

    Success of NERP for business propelled us to develop and launch NERP for hospitals.
  • 2013Netelity incorporated

    Netelity got its legal status as Netelity websolutions Pvt.Ltd.to gain more trust and propel growth.
  • 2014NERP for schools released

    Buoyed by requests for similar application like that of NERP business and hospitals, NERP for schools and coaching centres was launched. For a comprehensive solution, LMS (Learning Management System) was included in NERP.
  • 2015Channel Partner Program launched

    Netelity launched Netelity Partner Program (NPP) to facilitate growth and create business opportunity for those who braved to start on their own.
  • 2016New branches established

    Netelity ventured out to reach larger market by opening new branches.
  • 2017Changing identity- not the values

    New corporate identity for Netelity to celebrate 9 years of success and more than 600 users, 21 channel partners and 3 branches. Yes we could have waited for one more year to make it at ten but as usual at Netelity we do things differently.